Top 10 Wiki-Based Websites for Beginners to Create Engaging Personal Wiki

Top 10 Wiki-Based Websites for Beginners to Create Engaging Personal Wiki

Wikipedia's growing popularity due to its multilingual and collaborative character, which allows users from all over the world to discover accurate information in a matter of seconds.

Imagine having something comparable at your company. A centralized wiki that serves as your company's encyclopedia, holding vital data on your policies, projects, and products, among other things.


Staff development, information exchange, and cooperation would be a breeze.

Here's what you need to know if you want to build wiki-based websites but don't know where to begin. Wikipedia page writing and editing services are at your fingertips now.

You can't create an online wiki by yourself. You'll need a robust tool with many functions to help you through the procedure. Here is a list of some wiki-based websites that you can utilize for creating and practicing engaging personal wiki.


1. ProProfs Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base is a program that allows you to construct a public or private knowledge base. As well as a help center, documents, and guides. It may be set up as a consumer self-service assistance center. It may also be made private so that teams can effortlessly cooperate and exchange business expertise.


The ultimate goal of a knowledge base is to make it simple for individuals to address problems without seeking assistance. A level of expertise can provide both structured and searchable material. Directing readers to the most relevant item via an ordered contents page.


2. DokuWiki 

DokuWiki is a database-free Open Source software that is simple to use and very adaptable. It is popular among users and wiki-based websites because of its simple and clear syntax. It's popular among administrators because of how simple it is to maintain, backup, and integrate. DokuWiki is extremely helpful in the corporate setting. Because of its built-in accessibility restrictions and secure connections. And the enormous number of plugins donated by its active users enable a wide variety of use cases further than a standard wiki.


3. MediaWiki 

Tens of thousands of wiki-based websites, as well as thousands of businesses and organizations, utilize the MediaWiki. This website, as well as Wikipedia, is powered by it. MediaWiki aids in the collection, organization, and dissemination of knowledge. It's robust, multinational, open-source, expandable, configurable, dependable, and cost-free.


4. TiddlyWiki

TiddlyWiki is a non-linear diary and personal wiki-based platform for organizing and sharing complicated information. It's an open-source one-page application wiki. That's packaged as a single HTML file with CSS, JavaScript, and information. It's made to be simple to personalize and reshape based on the application. TiddlyWiki is a non-linear notepad that may be used to capture, organize, and share complicated data.

Use it to keep track of your tasks, plan an essay or novel, or plan your wedding. Make a list of every thought that comes to mind, or create a versatile and adaptable web.


5. Wikisummaries is a popular platform for wiki-based websites that offers free books, theater, and other textual resource descriptions. This is in addition to Wikipedia, which is generally a great resource for writer biography and quick book abstracts. WikiSummaries will pick up where Wikipedia leaves out. With protagonist biographies, extensive chapter analyses, study questions, notable quotes, symbolism and significance analyses, and so on.


6. SlimWiki

SlimWiki is a wiki platform for teams and wiki-based websites of all sizes that is hosted in the cloud. It's an online application that allows team members to work together to create content and share information straight from the browser. So, you don't have to, they thoroughly considered designs. You simply need to worry about your content; they'll take care of the rest.



Wiktionary is a multilingual, web-based project that aims to develop a free content dictionary containing terms (words, sentences, idiomatic expressions, grammatical reconstruction, and so on) in all organic and inorganic languages. These items may include, among other things, definitions, pictures, pronunciations, grammatical constructions, inflections, usage examples, quotes, related terms, and word translations into other languages.


8. WikiTravel.Org

Open-source travel guide with up-to-date details on sights, hotels, restaurants, and travel recommendations. Internet Brands owns Wikitravel, a web-based interactive tourist guide centered on the wiki format. It was most active from 2003 until 2012 when the majority of its editors quit and transferred their work to the nonprofit Wikivoyage guidebook.



It's just a location where you may create wiki-based websites. It may be used to post material, exchange documents, interact with friends or coworkers, and establish a community space. With millions of users and sites, is the world's largest wiki farm, allowing anybody to build a wiki site. also has a huge and active community that responds to inquiries, develops new building blocks, and creates new apps. This is what makes Wikidot unique: no matter how difficult your query is, you will discover someone who can help.


10. WikiMapia

Wikimapia is an online editable map that allows you to describe any location on the planet. Alternatively, you may simply browse the map and discover a plethora of wiki-based websites and others. That has already been highlighted. Wikimapia is an attempt to create a geographic online encyclopedia. With the goal of marking and describing all geographical things in the globe, the project builds an interactive "clickable" online map that combines Google Maps with a geographically-referenced wiki system.

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