How Do I Get My Biography on Wikipedia?

How Do I Get My Biography on Wikipedia?

Biography is a term that refers to writing a life profile for someone else. It comprises all the detailed information about the person from early childhood to their professional career. However, writing an autobiography is a different thing. It involves your personal life experiences that you share with your readers. You can write a book on your autobiography that will find a lot of popularity and success among your target audience.

Writing an autobiography on Wikipedia seems not the right thing. Wikipedia strictly disallows all your autobiographies and will never publish them. The reason is that Wikipedia wants someone else to write for you. It should be based on your prior popularity and reputation among the customers. You should be notable and respectable among people because of your extraordinary and exceptional work.

There must be a unique quality in your work that makes you distinctive from others. It may be your knowledge and experience in the field. Companies can be famous for their high-quality products and services. Wikipedia allows everyone to meet strict notability standards to qualify for writing and publishing an article. It enables every contributor to ask how do I get my biography on Wikipedia. Everybody has a right to write a biography for themselves. Wikipedia strictly prohibits this activity and rejects the article immediately.

Following are the essential tips to write a biography on Wikipedia:

Meeting the Notability Standards

Notability is a fundamental requirement of writing an article or biography on Wikipedia. It covers everything with a broad viewpoint. The term notability defines a notable or reputable personality. It may include film and media celebrities, politicians, bureaucrats, government officials, or special dignitaries. An ordinary individual can also be prominent by doing something extraordinary.

Understanding the Personality

It is an essential step to know and understand the personality of a person for whom you are willing to write a biography. The person should have a popular and respectable name in the industry. They should have a strong reputation in the market. You should have to do thorough research about the person you intend to write a biography.  Authors must include an authentic source of information about the person right from early childhood life to education and career awards and accomplishments.

Knowing the Purpose

An author should have a core purpose and clear objective of writing a biography for someone else. The person must be familiar to everyone and already has a prestigious name in their field of profession. You need to collect newspaper articles and media interviews for solid proof of evidence. The beginning of biography should start with a place of birth, education, and interest. It should proceed with early childhood activities and incidents. You should also discuss the famous and unforgettable events such as weddings, careers, and major achievements in life.

Perform the Audience Research

Every biography article has a specific audience. So, you should decide and think of the audience for which you need to write a biography of a person. It should be suitable for a particular gender, age, demographic location, interest, income, and qualification. Authors need to create interest in readers and engage them in the article.

Ask for the Permission

It is necessary to ask for legal permission from a person or a corporate organization for whom you intend to write a biography content. Permission is an essential thing to proceed with a biography article. You can discuss your points with a person and ask them in detail. They can better guide you and make you learn how to create a Wikipedia page.

Register for an Account

Authors need to register for an account first. It is an initial requirement for creating an article on Wikipedia. You need to go through this registration process and submit a button to become a permanent member and contributor. Wikipedia gives immense favor to a contributor and allows them to add more value to their profiles. They can include valid and authentic information on their profile. It increases their image and credibility among the Wikipedia community.

Search the Title

After getting done with a complete registration process, you need to search for a subject title on Wikipedia. It shows the similarity or dissimilarity of your article. If your article title matches with someone else, then you should not need to write an article all over again. In case, it does not match and comes out as unique, you can create a new article on the article wizard page.

Create a New Article

Wikipedia allows you to visit the article wizard page that opens a new text editor for you. This text editor offers tremendous features for writers to make their content valuable and accessible to everyone. Authors can write content and add as much information as they need. The information must be authentic and verified by trusted sources. A text editor makes it easy to compose a content draft on Wikipedia. It gives you complete authority to create an article and fix grammatical mistakes before publishing for approval.

Edit and Proofread the Article

Editing and proofreading are two primary factors in writing a new article on Wikipedia. It allows contributors to make several edits to enhance the content and makes it readable to the audience. Authors can rectify grammatical errors and make their content perfect. The perfection should reflect in writing that gives a smooth and seamless experience to readers.

Publishing and Approving

The approval of a biography article takes enough time. It may take weeks and months to approve and publish content on the Wikipedia front featured posts. Wikipedia promotes an article and makes it popular and trending among the target audience. Editors take 3 to 6 months in approving content for publishing on the Wikipedia platform.

Marketing on social media

Social media holds the power to reach the audience. It is an influential medium for businesses and individuals to post their published Wikipedia articles. They post and share the Wikipedia article with the mass public. It builds engagement of customers and expands the exposure of articles to the audience.

Bottom Line

All in all, these are valuable tips for writing a biography article on Wikipedia. Wikipedia is an open, independent, and free-to-use encyclopedia in the world. It provides resourceful and factual research-based information to customers.

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