A Short Guide on How to Edit Wikipedia Page

A Short Guide on How to Edit Wikipedia Page

Editing is a prerequisite factor for improving the quality and standard of articles. It is a process of examining grammatical mistakes and fixing them right away. Wikipedia has a strict policy of editing for its users. It is a global encyclopedia that compiles information from various sources and delivers them to the audience.

Wikipedia offers a technical process of editing for its contributors. It allows people to edit content articles and makes them better by adding more valuable information to them. They can include resourceful content and exclude unnecessary information that does not give much value to readers.

Wikipedia allows users to copyedit their articles and improve their sentence structure, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. These are essential components of creating good content on the Wikipedia community platform.

Apart from Wikipedia editing, Wikipedia also focuses on proofreading. It is a practice of facts checking and making them authentic for readers. The primary goal of Wikipedia is to provide an original and factual source of information to the audience. Contributors must edit their written articles to scrutinize their entire content before getting them posted and published.

It is the last and final step to go through articles and check for random mistakes. Mistakes can happen to anyone. Humans are prone to errors. It is in their nature to make mistakes. However, the good thing is that they must realize and rectify their errors to prepare a perfect draft for publishing.  

Here is a short guide on how to edit Wikipedia page for authors:

Know the Wikipedia Community Guidelines

Wikipedia offers severe policies and regulations for writers to understand first. They must go through a complete Wikipedia set of rules to learn them by heart. Writers must not miss any of these guidelines and have a comprehensive knowledge of them. These guidelines are beneficial for contributors to help them create a Wikipedia page and approve it for publishing.

Introduce Yourself with the Wikipedia Community

Every new contributor must introduce themselves to the Wikipedia community. It is a hospitable community that welcomes you with warm regards. They embrace you with open arms and greet you to join this community and become a member. Contributors must have a good introduction with other writers and editors to work together as a team. They should be familiar with every colleague and build a lasting and long-term durable association with them. It gives them the benefit to know and understand every member of a community. They can make diverse communication on various topic areas to write them accordingly.

Be Notable and Respectable

Contributors must be respectable people that have fame and recognition among the audience. People recognize them for their success and achievement in their field of interest. Wikipedia has the only criterion of letting your join the community platform. It is your notable and respectable presence that shows your credibility in the market. You must do something extraordinary to show your actual worth to people. It must be your talent that takes you ahead and helps you succeed in your life and career.

Mind Your Tone and Language

Contributors must mind their language to write clean and tidy content for readers. Their articles must add a positive value to the audience. Readers must take moral inspiration from their content. Contributors must set a benchmark standard for their content to share valuable and appreciable articles for customers. They must have a hold and command on their tone.

Writers must not show attitude and also must not spread negativity in their content that leaves the worst impression on readers. The best idea is to be neutral. Contributors must not be biased toward someone or something. They must be impartial in their way of writing to show plain text to readers.

Prove Your Factual Based Knowledge

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia platform that is completely based on facts and figures. You cannot say or write a word that does not comply with factual sources. Contributors must show proof of their sources and verify them from the internet.

They must not write their own words to show a sense of originality. Writers must compose their articles in accordance with genuine facts. They must show references to their words and sentences to claim their authenticity.

Compose a Unique Article

Contributors can fulfill their desires by composing distinctive articles on the Wikipedia platform. It provides a WYSIWYG text editor that offers them complete liberty and freedom to create a Wikipedia page. They can write anything of their own but match it with sources and references. They should gather a wealth of knowledge about the individual personality or a company organization.

There must be a little bit of difference between writing about any of them. For writing an individual person biography, you must begin with a birthplace. You can proceed further ahead with early childhood life, academic education, professional career, achievements, awards, and honors. It is good to provide a little bit of personal information and family life with parents, siblings, spouses, and kids.

Editing a Wikipedia page

Contributors must not be perplexed by mistakes. Wikipedia gives them options and clearly describes how to edit a Wikipedia page. They can use a visual text editor to edit their article and make a lot of improvement in it. Writers can add new information and delete the previous content that they think is not valuable to the audience. They can make minor and major edits to their article and preview them for publication.

The Wikipedia text editor gives ease and convenience to writers to write, rewrite, edit and proofread their articles as many times as they need. They must make changes to their content to make it worth appealing to the audience. They can include stats, numbers, links, graphs, and images in their content to give an attractive look.

Proofreading an article

After editing, proofreading is another important thing to do for writers. They must have to proof check their articles with valid references. Contributors must match their articles with proven sources on the internet. They must make sure and validate the originality and authenticity of an article before getting it published online. Proofreading is all about fact-checking so they have to verify the facts and figures related to their content.

Publishing for Approval

Contributors must write, edit, and proofread their articles to publish them for approval. Writers do their self-editing and examining of content before publishing. After they post their articles and submit them, the job of Wikipedia editors starts from there. They take their complete time to check the content and inspect it thoroughly for grammar and structure. Editors must also cross-check the sources and references to give your content the certificate of authenticity. After they verify your content and pass it on to posting. Wikipedia showcases your content on featured posts. These are special posts that appear on Wikipedia’s front page to attract more visitors to read your content.


Hence, in a nutshell, these above-mentioned are notable tips on how to edit a Wikipedia page. Editing is a crucial thing to do for writers to analyze their mistakes and fix them immediately. It gives a better look to their article and enhances its readability. People read your Wikipedia articles and appreciate you for providing them with accurate information.

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